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Sitting in front of me, this dynamo of a woman, a woman I felt honored to be talking to, who has accomplished so much I dream of doing, who glowed with an energy and brilliance that filled the air around her, said “When I was writing this book, sometimes I still heard that little voice asking ‘who do you think you are?'”

I sighed a sigh of relief and also of defeat.  Relief that I am not alone in having this voice, maybe it’s just “normal,” and defeat because maybe you can’t be rid of it no matter how much you accomplish. Now, I’m wondering how much this voice has cost the world.  How many of us have remained small because “who do you think you are?”

How many of us have repressed our gifts because “who do you think you are?” How many of us have spent our lives living as only part of ourselves because “who do you think you are?” How many of us have sabotaged our dreams, forced ourselves into failure, never even started because “who do you think you are?”

Really? Who DO you think you are? what if the answer to that question is that you have every right to be as big as you are.  That you have the right to share all of your gifts with the world without being ashamed.  That you are allowed to be in the fullness of yourself and carry all of you out into the world. That you are worthy of living out your dreams, that you are worthy of success, that you are worthy of your potential. What if those were the answers you gave back to that voice in your head?

What if “who do you think you are” is rooted in the idea that there is only a limited amount of pie; that your greatness must somehow necessarily diminish mine? What if that idea is wrong?  What if living in our own greatness is the only way to help others recognize their own share of pie; what if we don’t have to worry about taking too much out of life?

What would that mean for you?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences with your own voice– or thoughts on how to help quiet it in ourselves and kids– in the comments section below. Thank you for Visiting my blog!

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