It wasn’t until I was an adult that I came to realize that I wasn’t alien, weird, or somehow damaged. I didn’t know that I am perfectly “normal” and wonderful– just gifted and creative.  I had no idea of how much that simple fact explained the ways I never could fit into the mold that I continued to try and force myself into but never could quite fit.

For me, being gifted means I “think too much” and about things that most people aren’t really interested in.  It means that I’m more intense, sensitive, curious, open, introverted, easily overwhelmed by the beauty and ugliness of the world.  It means that I find it a bit more difficult to find “my people” and I have a tendency to apologize for sharing my thoughts (a habit I developed when I lived in a place where my thoughts were less acceptable). It means all of this and more.  What has it meant for you?

As I trained to become a therapist I learned more and more about people like myself.  I was surprised to find that 1) we are more likely to misdiagnosed with mental illness because our “normal” isn’t “normal” for other groups of people, and 2) there is no training about working with the gifted, talented, and creative population in schools for therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists which makes it hard to find someone who can help us sort through ourselves, deal with the issues we experience, and reach our full potential.  That is why I’ve chosen to specialize in working with people like you and me.

In addition to my work as a therapist I am also an artist (photography, drawing, & painting), writer, and entrepreneur.  I am working on a mental health startup to help people find the right therapist for them based on the factors that are important to making therapy work.

I enjoy spending time with my daughter and my friends, exploring the beauty of nature and art venues, satisfying my endless curiosity, playing with my wonderful kitties, and finding other adventures to expand my horizons and give me fodder for my imaginational and intellectual wonderings.

I look forward to meeting you and getting to know who you are and how I can help you in your own magnificent adventure through life!